First Atlassian User Group meeting in Copenhagen/Denmark

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17 Mar 2011

Today I attended the first Atlassian User Group (AUG) meeting to be held in Copenhagen,

Atlassian is the company behind products such as: Jira, Confluence, Fisheye and Crucible among others. I am a user of Jira Studio and logicLAB are hosting all of it’s projects in Jira Studio.

This was quite an interesting experience, most of my UG and general attendance to networking events have been related to Open Source and Perl in particular.

The audience is slightly different and so was the atmosphere. With around 30 attendants, it was fun to see only 2 active laptops apart from the ones used by the presenters, I did however also count 3 iPads, where one was my own. I had decided to bring a less intrusive device, since I wanted to network and not code, so the iPad seemed sufficient for taking notes (see also my blog entry from the YAPC::Europe conference 2010).

The networking part came very easily, this might have been due to the lack of laptops. Anyway I got to talk to a lot of people and when I left the venue I even caught a ride with one of the other attendees. A very nice thing, since it was raining a lot.

I have previously given it some thought to be more active and to attend other events than the ones I regularly do. I have on earlier occasions attended a local iOS developer event and even a local Bar Camp at some point. As my schedule looks right now I have lined up events not necessarily related to Open Source and/or Perl, starting this weekend with a iOS developer day at the local hacker space: Labitat. Followed by Goto Copenhagen conference in May and finally AppSecEU 2011 in Dublin in June. The plan is also to have the next AUG meeting in June, so lets see how much can be squeezed in.

The event was put together by a Danish company Translucent and they did a good job. A AUG sounds like a pretty uniform crowd, but this was not the case, so there was a lot of interesting aspects on all sorts of things, like processes, workflow, permissions, security, content etc. so the discussions and networking was very interesting and educational.

A little things that nags me about all of these events is the lack of integration with social media, especially for professional events like this. Linkedin is a marvelous tool for promoting events and it makes it much easier for attendees to locate each other afterwards. So using Facebook, Lanyrd or Linkedin is a great help to the attendants. I do however prefer Linkedin, since it is was I use for professional networking for events like there. Lanyrd, which is a twitter enabled service is marvelous due to it’s ease of use. Facebook is not the serious choice, but if none of the others are put to use can be last resort.

Now I just have to process my notes and try to see what I can put to use in my Jira Studio solution. I hope Atlassian decides to update Jira Studio to Confluence 3.5 and Jira 4.3 shortly since many of the new features look really useful.

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